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April 14, 2009


Ann Bimberg

Hey, Jen, I'm always up for a new cookbook. Sign me up!

Ann Bimberg

actually, put me down for two. i'll get one for my mom as well.

Sarah H.

I would be interested in one.


Put me down!


Count me in! I always mean to try your mom's recipes when she posts them and never get around to it. I'd love an easy-access cookbook.


I borrowed lots of your information to brag about the cookbook on my blog as well. Hope you don't mind! :) Thanks for sharing the info.


Me! I want one...heehee.


this is completely not me... but i want one too! :)

Jen T

Yes, Please! And I feel so proud that I know the second and oldest grandchildren :)

Tina A.

I would like one too.



Julie M

Put me down for three (gifts!) -Julie

Julie M

(If you don't mind anyway, I'll order three.) Suddenly I felt sheepish for asking for that many! I just know my sister and mother-in-law would want to order one too but since they don't blog and won't see this, I'd love to surprise them!
If it's an issue, I'll just take one for myself. :)

~ Junkyard Jennifer

Julie, you can order as many as you want! :)


Put me down for two! It will be fun to see.

Julie L.

I want two. :)

Stacey Kangas

I'll take 2!!


Laura Kangas - U.P.

I need one! A cookbook from a family of great cooks! yes!

Karen A.

I would order three. Would be great!

Jean Linna

I would like a cookbook.

Beth H

I'll order one!

Amanda Hendrickson

I'll order one too!


fine, fine. don't twist my arm too hard....I'll take one! :)

Heather J

I will order one

Jill Pelli

I'd like one!

Nora A.

I'd like one for myself...plus 5 more for family!


Write me down for 2. I'm assuming that someone up here will have a pile of them?

Anna K

Put me down for one!!! I've tried some of your mom's recipes and a book of the same would be GREAT!

Jenny W.

I would like to order one! Thanks! :)

Kathryn Eskola

I was just thinking the other day how I wish I had a H. cookbook as I always hear people bragging about recipes they love from it. I would like to order two or three of these! (when do you need the exact number?)

Kathryn Eskola

never mind, I will take three for sure.

Angie Martin

Yes i emailed Kristi and Sara already, but i will reply to you also.

I will take 1.

Emily H.

I'd love one!!!


one more for me

Nora O

I would like one too!

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