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July 09, 2009


Nora O.

It never hurts to read/learn of different ideas on financial matters, but each person or familiy has different circumstances and priorities that affect what works for them. I think that Dave Ramsey's plan is great for those who get regular income, and especially for who have multiple debts. But like your husband, mine is a self-employed contractor, and income is not regular. So the whole budget thing isn't possible some months. I like to read books and articles more to just inspire me to be better in my spending habits when there is money to work with. And to know what is possible. Because who wouldn't like to be debt-free?

Amanda K.

I agree, you have to find the financial guru that works for you. I like his plan especially when Emily gets me all fired up on where they have gotten. But there are plenty more people out there that swear by their plans too - so find the one that suits your lifestyle and follow that!


I think you have to plan more on an seasonal/annual basis. I think DR would have advice about this type of situation as well. I know they have Financial Peace U. classes in PR sometimes.


I've become a complete Dave Ramsey nerd. I feel like telling everyone I see about his plan. Matt and I can't stop smiling since we paid off the last of the CC debt last week.

He does offer advice for those who do not make a regular income and he offers great advice for those who just need to know where to start.


Just try his classes. It'll never hurt. I promise. Unless you just don't listen. He does give advice for people with irregular income. I think when it gets to be a problem is when people just don't make enough. In some cases, you just need to get a second income. Try it, I think you'd like it.

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