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October 20, 2009



Wow. I hope you sew. Because you can do a lot with that. Every year, as a tradition, the kids get a pair of pj's for Christmas. I sewed Logan's this year. I'm quite proud of myself. Until he wears them the first time and they fall apart, that is. I might skip over the pj thing with the girls, though. They have too many the way it is. We'll see. I'm done with all my "big" presents for the kids already. Just maybe pj's and a few stocking stuffers left for me.


I don't think now is too early....September and August may have been (Hobby Lobby was putting up their Christmas stuff in JULY!) And I'm stealing Mindijo's idea and making Buddy some PJs this Christmas....the girls are all getting homemade aprons and he needs PJs....thanks Mindijo! :)

~ Junkyard Jennifer

Pajamas are a great idea. I sew--very minimally, but my goal is to 'start gaining some experience' this winter. They can always use pajama pants. And, it would be something simple to start with.

Rebecca, you mentioned aprons last year, I'm keeping that in mind. I always wear one and I know my kids would all *love* them.

~ Jennifer


I would subscribe to some of the collaborative blogs, like one pretty thing or the crafty crow or the long thread, she makes great stuff too. They are always coming up with things you can make for kids.


One of my best childhood Christmas memories was when we had a home/hand made Christmas. Each of us girls got simple skirts that had a ribbon that tied at the top. My little brothers woke up Christmas morning and found a "fort" that Mom had made out of white sheets sewn to cover a square card table. It had a door and windows that opened and the name of the fort was over the door. The boys spent hours playing in there and would fall asleep underneath. You could make it into a "camp" for your boys. Another idea would be to make pillow cases for each of your children. You could use flannel for winter or use a plain fabric and embroider their names along the edge. I've also seen book bags made from vintage pillow cases. A simple knitted scarf made by using the knit stitch would be sweet. I've also seen slippers made by felting sweaters, cutting out the shape of the foot and putting a curved piece on the top and decorating with buttons or flowers or pom poms. They would be nice with your pajama bottoms. See if your husband would build your daughter a doll bed or cradle if she is into dolls or stuffed animals. It could be simply made with left-over lumber from your house projects. You could even hand stitch a doll blanket to go with it. For the boys, what about making a wooden car garage for their cars? Or how about a wooden barn for their animals if they are into that kind of thing. It will be fun for you to come up with ideas and start tucking things away. It's not too early to start. I'm knitting each evening and thinking ahead to Christmas too. Be blessed! VintageBethie


I am trying to save money this year too. So my husband will be making doll bunkbeds from scrap lumber, and I will be making the pads and blankets for it from sheets we don't use anymore. I am thinking that since the two year old will transition to a toddler bed around the holidays, I will make him a quilt and matching pillowcase out of John Deere fabric- he is one of our boys that loves tractors! Paris wants a wall shelf for her "stuff", so Carl can make one of those too, and I'll paint it.

~ Junkyard Jennifer

I love all of the suggestions! It's definitely helping to get the creative gears turning. I'm thinking it's time I (re)learned how to thread my sewing machine again.

Thank you for all of them!

~ Jennifer


What fun ideas - thinking I might have gotten a few here too! sorry no suggestions from me....kind of thinking I might sneak some practical stuff into christmas this year, like the quilt I have been wanting for the girls bed (santa might just show up with it!) or the lamp that Jane wants for her night stand - think we have enough toys around here!


i have a couple of suggestions for you.

i know that Dolly Parton has a book club for kids under 5. if your county is registered your child can receive a free book every month. here is the link to a nearby county here in TX. you can google the info for your county maybe. http://www.imaginationlibraryntauw.org/

you could also do a book swap with friends so that your kids get "new" books. you could start a 'book club' with your kids. something along the lines that they read or get read to aloud and then discuss the book together. every few day or every week someone gets to pick out a book of their choice for the book club.

also, i know that you aren't a big scrapbooker, but kids love to hear about themselves. and scrapbooks can be very simply made. even out of brown lunch bags. a simple picture and a few words to describe something about that child is all that will be needed to put a big smile on their faces. kids always love to hear about something they did when they were "little". even when they grow up.

i loved the photo of the snow. very pretty.
stay warm and let me know how your homemade Christmas is coming along.


That is so awesome that you're doing a thrift/handmade Christmas! I was contemplating that since I knit and also work at Barnes & Noble that I will probably end up knitting or buying books for everyone I know. I love this idea and now I'm starting to think it would be an awesome idea. Although I'm sure my boyfriend would be disappointed he didn't get his new video game.

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