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May 06, 2010



Yay - LOVE garage sales! :)

~ Junkyard Jennifer

So...sister...are you 'Amanda'? Or Gretchen?

One of you is stealing the others' identity because the names don't match up (email is Gretch).

If you're Amanda, I'll say you must have had a little more luck today? I hope so!

If you're Gretch, I'll say, it's a fun way to get all the things you need for your apt!

~ Jennifer


Haha! ^

I cannot wait for garage saling! I was thinking about going this weekend but I didn't really budget for it so I figured I should probably skip it and wadya know, it snowed so that settled it for me! I think a lot of people canceled their sales anyways.

Jennifer D.

I love your hoop idea! Great color choices.

Let us see the quilt before you cut it... please.

I have always wanted to make pillows out of an old quilt but, like you, I am not sure if I have the nerve.

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