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May 24, 2010



Cute pictures! Carter and Aapo look like they are the same size in the picture of them sitting under him.

~ Junkyard Jennifer

They're just about the same size. They can wear the same clothes. And, I think they might even weigh the same. No surprise! With Aapo being my 'picky eater', he's skin and bones! He's a little bit taller than 'Louie', though.

~ Jennifer

Vicky Mattila

I heard that Lanny and Jill's dog Mindi is having puppies again! I dont know when and what the breed is though! If interested,you can call her!! Good luck!!:)


The dog at my mom's had puppies. They're some kind of cow dog/ black lab mix- tho the mamma dog isn't very big at all. and i think the dad is a shepard but you'd have to ask wayne. The pups are maybe 2-3 weeks right now?


Children of Eve

Have you checked out petfinder.com?


My mom's dog had puppies. They are so cute. Check with her. I don't know how many there was-but I know she will part with them.

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