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June 25, 2010



I was surprised to read this post. Your mixer isn't that old. I think it probably burned out because you used it for kneading dough so much. My kitchenAid is 22 years old but I rarely used it to knead dough. Kneading dough really makes a kitchenAid work hard. Maybe the larger or commercial kitchenAids would handle the kneading better. I do love my Bosch for breads.


Have you contacted the manufacturer? I suppose that is more kneading than they are intended for but it never hurts to try, especially considering what a short time you've been using it for.


I burned out 2 kitchen aides before I finally got a Bosch.

Also if your husband is handy you can order the gears and grease and fix the Kitchen Aide for about 25 bucks.


Mark seems pretty handy, why not try opening it up and see if you can figure out what's wrong with it until the thrift challenge is over? I am almost positive I have seen someone repair one on instructables or something.


Sorry to hear about your mixer! Kind of funny (not for you I guess), but my mom and I were just talking about mixers the other day. She is curious about getting a Bosch too since she's been making a lot of bread. Do you happen to know where is the best place to order one from? I almost did the same thing to my kitchen aid too with bread...it was smoking and very loud. Still works though, just not quite as great as before (fingers crossed that it doesn't die on me!)

Good luck to you!

Trisha P.

I have a Bosch and love it for bread! I actually got both a Kitchen Aide and a Bosch as wedding gifts. Both are great. I only have my Bosch up here in Alaska. If I had to choose one, I'd pick the Bosch simply because it is so awesome for bread. I also have the cookie paddles and blender for it. Also nice. I like the looks of the Kitchen Aide better and it also seems a tad bit easier to clean, but that could also be because I was just used to the Kitchen Aide. But the Bosch definitely has more power. Anyhow, just my two cents. : )

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