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July 07, 2010



That's a lot of strawberries! Looks yummy. I wish I was local and could come pick raspberries. Love raspberries!


Oh I wish I could come and pick raspberries! Alas, I live too far away. It's blueberry season here. I have been going to the local farm and picking and freezing for winter use. I love, love, love to pick berries. They are the best of summer. Your strawberries look so good. You are making such sweet memories for your little ones.


of the four gallons of strawberries I picked, I only have 2 left :( Wonder if it's not too late to still pick - I WANT MORE!...I did make one jar of jam (it was a no-pectin recipe and low sugar (only 1/2 cup for 4 cups of berries) although, I have yet to try it on toast, I did taste it and thought it was good!


Every time you mention those raspberries I want to come out there and pick! Yum!

jennifer d

I would come pick some berries if I were closer! Yum


We are starting to get blueberries up here. Joe and the kids got a pail full (ice cream bucket) yesterday although the season is not at its peak yet.
Raspberries would be good, too!

Emily Dennis

I wish I could come pick your raspberries! Matt's grandma let me come pick hers the other day so I was able to make 2 batches of jam with them. How sweet to have a freezer full of (free) fresh fruit!

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