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August 25, 2010



Poor Chloe! Good job on getting the guts to pull them out!


wow Jennifer quite a story..You really show quite a bit of courage on this one...I thank God every day for the internet!!! This could have been a very unpleasent experience...way to go..

Anna K

Note to all dogs: Not only is biting a porcupine a bad idea, sitting on it is too! Just ask Chloe. ;) Glad it wasn't too much work. My mom and dad's golden was NOT calm at all when he got into them. It took my dad, uncle Wayne, mom and I all holding/pulling them out to get it done.

Vicky Mattila

Way to Go Jen!! You are truly a country girl at heart!!


oh my goodness Jennifer! glad Chloe was calm for you - poor thing. i had to pull out 2" splinters from a little toe once, talk about nerve wracking - couldn't imagine quills!

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