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September 29, 2010



Hey! We got a billion crockpots for our wedding. want our old one? its camo print but it works great. its less than a year old.


congratulations on completing the challenge. and could you send a few of those tomato cages my way? i have a few K-2 graders on my bus who need to be contained! thanx, hey.


I LOVE that picture of Aapo on the swing! That reminds me, I want some fun picture of family on our wall some day (blown up) that would be perfect! Although, by family, I meant Jeff, Adrian, [future children,] and I.
You really got me thinking with that thrift challenge. Not sure I could (or would want to) commit to doing that for a year but I have been buying second-hand whenever possible. It makes sense in so many ways, frugal or otherwise.

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