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September 23, 2010


Ann Bimberg

i like to be done with my shopping before december as well. the years i accomplish this, are my most enjoyable Decembers.
Like all your ideas. We did headlamps one year--huge hit.
good luck!

Vicky Mattila

we are somewhat similar but our kids only get 1 present from us christmas eve and 1 gift from s**** with 3 stocking stuffers. grandmas/grandpas/aunts/uncles spoil them rotten so i don't feel like they don't get anything.. :) i have just recently started brainstorming about christmas gifts.(i have an elf shopping for me this year, i don't think HE realizes what will HIT him this year) :) heeheehee. i should get going on my list too!! thanks for the reminder!! :)


I don't think I ever knew how to spell Tossus! :)


how do you use washi tape? gift wrapping? is it durable?

~ Junkyard Jennifer

Yvonne - I haven't seen it in person yet but a bunch of the artists out there use it in their art journals and collages and I have seen it used for gift wrapping. I've also seen other bloggers use it to hang things on the walls in their studios.

I've seen that it's also called masking tape -- so I assume it has the same texture/durability.

Doesn't it look fun?! :)

(Maybe someone can weigh in who's used it...)

Jennifer Dessert

That is an incredible list. How will you pick just three for each kid? The head lamps are a great idea and the Viewmasters. I still have mine from when I was a kid.

P.S. yes I did finish The Poisonwood Bible and I love it! I think I will read it again sometime. I learned so much.


I have two old view masters with one card each if you would be interested. email me at my gmail address.

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