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October 14, 2010



Great shots. But a warning, the wanting never ends...LOL. I SO BAD want the bigger better Nikon that I dream about it.


It's awesome seeing such clear shots of your kids! ;]
and I love Nikayda's headband!

jen t

Yes, these are great shots. And much more crisp.
your Nikayda is such a beauty.

i still HATE peanuts. And even people we see all the time forget. Oh? He's allergic to peanuts? Huh. At least he asked you... :)

Julie M.

I'm glad you're adjusted to a new normal. It makes me happy. I'm sure you'll always be hyperaware of it but at least the initial 'big changes' period is over.

Great photos! And I agree- the dream never stops. I love my SLR but I don't have any great lenses. Lenses make a *huge* difference but honey, they ain't cheap. I need thrifty hobbies. :D

Emily Dennis

Picasa automatically grabs any new pictures from your computer everytime you open it. I mostly shoot in P mode so I can manipulate a little more on my point and shoot.

Jennifer D

Beautiful shots!


Cute - nikayda's headband is really cute too. i'm hoping you made it and didn't buy it!!

Jennifer here: I bought it (from Crazy 8 -- love that place). So I can figure out how to make them. Besides, it matched her summer sandals that I bought from them, too. ;)


wow your kids are getting so big Jen make them stop growing until Christmas

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