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February 21, 2011


Carol C

I love my Finnish tennis shoes (sorels). My attitude is that winter is not a fashion statement. Of course, I never worry about fashion anyhow :)


My sister Tina's Joni is super-into Egypt and Pharaohs and stuff. She'd LOVE that exhibit!


Oooohhhhhh! I want to see that exhibit! I love reading about Egypt and the Pharaohs. Hmmm. How can I get to the Cities before Sept 5.


Holy fazoli! We all slack on our blogs from time to time, but this is getting ridiculous! ;) Just teasing. But I do miss your posts.


I've got some photos on my flickr site from our very first trip to Egypt when we went to Luxor and the Valley of the Kings and then of course more modern times in an ancient country. Also, if they want they can send my husband and I questions and we can answer from our two years there. Beautiful snowy photos.

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