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March 24, 2011


katie arvola

Cute! First time checking out your blog love it and will bookmark and be back good to see you're doing well! Katie Arvola


Ah! he's so cute! I want one so bad, it would be like my little baby, haha
I'm so jealous of you guys, I bet the kids are just going to love it. Good luck with training, hopefully he's good!
(I actually already have a name picked out for my future dog. One of my future babies may get it instead though, hah!)
PS-glad to hear the supplements are helping! :)

Jennifer D

River is so cute. My new little Rugby has been a furry little four legged antidepressant for me , I hope River will do it for you. ;0)I need some sun over here in "Snowy California"!


Hope it all goes well! Looks cute!


He is so cute! And I don't even like dogs!


ah i am going up there and stealing him he is too cute. i love puppies they are so fun and adorable.

Jennifer Skoog Photography

Oh my goodness, how adorable! I baby my (big) puppy and cat all the time because they are the only kids I have :)
Also, sorry to hear you went thru a slump this past month and may the upswing continue. There's talk of starting a "Williston Widow's Club" ... for people like us...


Glad to see your back blogging. And Congratulations on River!

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