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March 28, 2011



Puppy potty training trick: when they have an accident in the house, clean the spot with vinegar. They can smell where they have gone in the past and think they should go there again. The vinegar takes the smell away. Good luck with training- it takes patience! Is your crate big? You don't want anything too big because then they will have room to pee and to sleep.


Jennifer here: Thank you! I have wiped out his crate with vinegar but he still keeps peeing in it. It's a small crate (I have it sectioned off with a box so there is just enough room for him to crawl in and turn around to sleep. It's so frustrating because he continues to pee in there -- even though there is no room to do it! (And, I get him out as soon as he starts to bark so I'm thinking he's going before he gives me a warning...) I ordered a product that is supposed to help with cleaning the odor completely...hoping it comes soon, and does the trick!

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