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April 19, 2011



Glad to see you are still here! ;)
I totally smiled at your little note at the bottom. I used to be so closed down and afraid to talk about depression, but when I started talking about, I was surprised at the reaction-or rather, lack of a reaction I got. I realized that lot of people suffer from depression, it's nothing to be ashamed of.

Vicky Mattila

you and me both girlfriend!! we need to talk it sounds like!! :) some time this summer, we should meet at the park or something and have a good visit!! :)

Jennifer D

I am so glad you're still here! I was wondering where you were. I can't wait to see more photos of River,he must be getting so big, too bad he is such a pest ;0)

Emily Dennis

I miss your regular blogging! Now that I'm blogging I think everyone else should be updating just as frequently.. ;)

Cale was telling me the other day how much he wishes he could go to the kids house who loves legos. (He can never remember his name) And he said he doesn't like talking to him on the screen because you can only see a little part of his house. He was wondering if next time you could go on another computer in your house so he can see another part of it. ;)

I sure wish we could get those two together.


Jennifer here: I do, too! They would have so much fun together. And, personally, I'd love to let them alone and just be a fly on the wall once they warmed up to each other! haha. :)

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