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May 24, 2011



I love candid pictures! Especially when you don't know that they were taken til a long time later. They just are so much more natural than when you know a camera is present.


That's a moment well captured! It's so true that we seldom have pictures of our real, everyday life and activities. Of all the stuff mothers do during the day... Happy belated birthday!

jen t

it's a beautiful photo...


its a beautiful picture. it captures the moment perfectly!! we get family pictures at least once a year and I love it!! :)

jennifer d

Beautiful shot!


that is actually a good picture im impressed kayda.


I love this snapshot. Good work Nikayda! And I love your quilts below...what finds!


That is a fun shot. Emily wants to take some pictures of us, I'm all for it, Paul not so much. He'll come around tho, he's a good sport, I think....I told him emily will send us the pictures before she posts them on her blog. I'm crossing my fingers.

Emily d.

Haha..wanna be photographer! I would LOVE to practice on you guys! Wish you were closer....


I love that shot! I need to have Em take pictures of us when we're up!

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