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May 18, 2011



I love the coral color! I read somewhere that coral and gray are really hot colors right now. I think it's pretty!


I really want to make a trip out there this summer! We'll have to wait and see what happens with all the other trips that are already in the making...
Do you have any white paint you could mix into the coral?
I feel the nudges...from everywhere. I think I'm going to be all bruised up by the time my shop opens but I'm working on it! (For real, I mean it, I really am!)


definitely looks like coral - i like it.
i love your creativity Jennifer; do you have any suggestions on how to display framed photos. i am considering taking a few Fridays to do our farmer's market but i don't know.... i don't have that creative eye for the set-up. thanx for any help on this.

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