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August 02, 2011



Congratulations! When I saw your recent Pinterest boards - I knew it - and I was right! Can't wait to go through this "with" you on your blog and on Facebook. Congrats! PS - I told everyone within three days of finding out I was pregnant. I couldn't hold it in!

Julie L

awe..... congratulations!! I'll think of you guys often and smile!


So happy for you guys!!!

Heidi German

I'm with Shara--I started wondering when I saw your baby-related Pins. :D Congratulations and here's to a healthy pregnancy!


I'm so happy for you! Your pins gave you away! Big hugs.


OMG, I can tell you are over the moon with excitement and happiness! Congrats to you both, it will be lovely to have a new baby in the home.Thank you for sharing your news so soon.


:). So fun for all of you! Hoping this baby doesn't make you too sick!


I was gonna send you a message asking when I opened up pinterest the other day:) Congratulations!


Congratulations, Jennifer!!!! I am so very, very excited for you!!!!! I can absolutely see how you'd be feeling almost like this was your first time being pregnant; I think I'd feel the same way! What an incredible blessing! I'll be praying that you aren't too terribly sick and that God blesses this sweet lil' one growing inside you! How are the big kids reacting to this grand news!?






Congrats! Hope it all goes smoothly. I hated every minute of being pregnant. Love the end result but getting there was miserable!


~ Babies are so sweet ~ Congratulations


That baby blanket is so cute!! You can totally make that! :) Hope your morning sickness never gets too bad!


Congratulations! Fun to hear the news that you are expecting! Hope all goes well for you.

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