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January 25, 2012


Nora O

Some pigs are pesky, we've learned, and will not stay fenced. They can be a bit destructive when loose too, as far as trenching up the yard. And believe me, pig poo smells worse than all the others! Rubber boots become a necessity, since they can go right under the hose. But the affordable organic pork is a great reward for the work. I think if we make a portable hen house/fencing set-up that would allow for a contained free-range (that sounds like an oxymoron, doesn't it?)operation, I would be in favor of having chickens again. I too hate the poop, but we've been looking at some ideas on how to combat it without totally cooping up the birds. Plus, if we have a portable pen that can follow the cow pasturing rotation, the chickens can clean up the fly larvae in the cow patties, to get protein and to keep fly numbers under control. And I can not believe I even have any knowledge about these things... I was raised a townie, and do not want to live on a farm, yet here I am!


Bummer you lost a pig!


My husband would love to live on a hobby farm some day! :) I think I'd like to have chickens. The week I spent at my mom's I realized I enjoyed them!

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