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February 15, 2012



A bathtub works, too....or a sauna. Stock tank, huh? ;)


Jennifer here: I thought about using the tub. But our bathroom is really small to fit everyone in. And my midwife had said most tubs, ours included, don't fill up enough to give the mom any relief during labor.


Sounds like a good way to give birth...stick with the 'all natural, farm' feeling right? I gave birth in a birthing tub for our last 2 that were born at home. But I was lucky enough that my midwife owns some birthing tubs herself so we rent the tub and buy the liner from her.


You 'CAN' do this!! And I think in a way it does get easier with each kid...each birth is so different and you learn so much from each one....got a chuckle out of this post...from birth tub to garden..haha. sounds like a good option! :)

julie m

Fascinating. :) I hope your new cupboard works out well!

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