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September 27, 2012



Love the third picture from the top, with the light streaming through. Whenever I see light streaming through clouds or trees or whatever, I can't help but be uplifted by it.

You make homeschooling sound fun. For a couple seconds. :)


Great shots. And, hey! You figured out the Moby! How do you like it?


We have incorporated weekly art and nature walks this year too! We love it. We are exploring the woods in our backyard and identifying the variety of trees, pressing leaves from each tree, a bark rubbing, and noting interesting info to make our own "tree guide".


Wow. Very nice pictures. You better get on the list and join us in Yvonne's photo challenge.


Beautiful photos, beautiful family. It is such a nice season to be outside.

hena tayeb

what a great idea.. looks like you all had a wonderfully fun filled learning day.


This looks like so much fun!! Where are these trails! I didn't know there were any 'non-paved' ones around here.

Lisa Salmen

I don't recognize these either! Which park, Jen?

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