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September 20, 2012


Hannah  Kopkie

Your place looks so idyllic. We didn't get any tomatoes either. It's such a bummer. My garden was very overgrown too just from me being to sick and lazy to get out there. Hopefully next year is better for both our gardens!


That's too bad with the tomatoes. I've had plenty, but last year and this year mine have been really grainy. (Or mealy, as it's technically called.) I've read that can be from overwatering, or underwatering. Go figure. And I can't stand grainy tomatoes!!! GAG! I threw a lot away, but I did make a quick tomato sauce that went into my chili that turned out just fine.
Last year I tried pureeing the tomatoes, but I still couldn't bring myself to use them because you could just see the mushiness of them. yuck.
So, I am undecided as to whether or not I will plant them next year too.


Oh is she a cutie! I wanna see her again!

Patti Isaacson

I've had tomato blight for many years in spite of every remedy I've heard about and tried. I still get some tomatoes, so I just quit worrying about how ugly the blighted plants look!


Love those pics. of Aria - can't help but smile - she's such a doll!!

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