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January 22, 2013


jen t

I am glad you are back to bloggin'! And liking the sun through the trees out back yonder.

I bet 'meh' will improve a bit when That Baby sleeps better for ya, too!

I hear you on the gardening. As much as i like to pop outside and grab a tomato and a couple peppers, last summer I gave the gardening back to my Mom. I kept calling it "Gramma's garden" to make it clear...my thumb is not green. It's more purple from coloring :)

Sandra Lomas

hi there. i hope your winter blahs go away soon. i hope you do try some flowers this spring. something to look forward to.


Ha. I finally accepted the fact that I don't have Dads green thumb either. I figure its cheaper to go buy my produce from the co-op than water plants endlessly that never produce.

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