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January 16, 2013



I haven't cut out sugar, and I still think they're super good!!

Colin Jesse

Hi Jennifer,

I would like to try this recipe.
Does your 1c mean one old fashioned cup?
Could I try ordinary butter?

Thanks and best wishes,

Colin Jesse

Jennifer here: Hi Colin - Our 1 cup is equal to 8 oz. (I hope that helps!) I've never tried it with butter but I believe that would work.


These HIT THE SPOT!!! Definitely sweet enough! Thanks for sharing this recipe, friend! :)


These are very similar to a no-bake cookie I used to make. Tried this version and it's a new favorite! I used peanut butter, 1/3c rapadura sugar, half coconut oil/half butter, dark chocolate chips, a little more oats and added some wheat germ (the mixture initially seemed too liquidy).

The last time I made it the chocolate chips were a bag of mixed holiday chips I got on sale, part white, so I added a spoonful of dark cocoa powder to make sure it was chocolate-y enough.

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