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January 25, 2013



Hi Jen, looks like everyone in your end of the world is doing well, Babies are so sweet she looks like her Mommy. Stay cozy this winter.


oh my goodness - these pics are melting my heart! I miss this. She is just way too cute!!! Love the one of her lifting up her dress! I wouldn't want to put her to bed either, she's way to squish-able!!


She is so adorable!! Isn't it amazing what we forget when it's been awhile since having a baby in the house? Good luck to you as you teach sweet little Aria to sleep! You'll find what works best for her and YOU.(:

sandy koivisto

Hey Jennifer,

I found your blog recently. I want to snuggle your Aria...so very darling with those huggable legs and chubby cheeks. lucky you!

I think I'll visit this site every once in awhile....just to take a peek at you and yours.

Do you mind?

love you, aunt sandy


Love Auntie Sandy's comment. (Is it funny that I still call all my aunts "aunties?")

Aria is so precious! Glad you're making some progress with getting her to sleep. Does she have a lovey/security blanket? Both of my boys have loveys and I wonder if that's part of the reason they've been so good at going to sleep on their own.

Jennifer here: Not weird at all! Or maybe we're both weird... I still call all of my aunts 'aunties', too.

She doesn't have anything she's attached to. I mean I always have a burp cloth with her but she's just never clung to it or anything. None of my kids have had any attachment items that I can think of (maybe their burp cloths...) - with the exception of their pluggies...


What a sweetie! I just want to snuggle her up!

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