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January 29, 2013


Vicky M

AW. A lived in home-my favorite kind!! Don't worry about it, Jen, my house is quite similar to yours.... A smaller scale of yours, in fact! :) Hang in there, it will all come together! (someday)


Our house is so similar! A few house projects half done. And I love to have everything really organized so I have one section of the house at a time that's great while everything else is a disaster. I'm constantly sorting and getting rid of things but you'd never be able to tell. Lol. It's very kid-friendly and lived-in. :)


Our house is a bit like this...except a lot older. Broken railing, crappy paint job, leaking roof. Um yeah. That's in the entry-hopefully that will get fixed in the spring before it causes any serious damage. It would be fine right now if we didn't keep getting warm weather!

Jen t

I've long wondered why you opted for no closets.

I really like the tile on the bathroom floor! It reminds me of the house my family lived in until I was 10;)

Nora O

I love the color of the bathroom walls!! You couldn't stay crabby in a room of that color! Do you plan to put beadboard or something on the bottom, where it is not painted?

sandy koivisto

I discovered ages ago that the best way to deal with it is decide it doesn't matter and you don't care.

enjoy your kids instead. soon they will be all grown up......

aunt sandy


hahaha....you had me laughing thru this post in all its honesty! :) We gotta work with what we got, hey?! Someday...

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