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February 11, 2013



What about money?? We're starting to reward Adrian with money (think pennies, nickels, and dimes) since he got a bank recently from a birthday party (it had candy inside). He's a little young still, but he's still pumped to get some change if he helps out with something. I'd like to teach my kids financial responsibility from the get-go. He keeps talking about what he can get with his money when the bank is filled.


We had a family meeting to make a job chart and the kids came up with the rewards themselves...money, a friend over, a special outing, computer time...etc. I think when they are involved then it sounds funner for them! They each have their daily jobs (that don't come with rewards) and then their are 'extra jobs' that they get rewarded for once they do 5 of them. I would go crazy without the job chart - def. helps keep things in order! Good luck - hope you find a system that works for your family!

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