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February 15, 2013


Lupe Isola

So thoughtful of you, Jenn....you could do an Easter/Spring banner using the sample paint chips...I'm always looking for paint for something or the other, so I always pick up a stash when I'm around paint....just a thought...or what would be even better...when I worked at the nursing home...the residents would make the eggs out of crochet thread and elmers glue....wrap it around a balloon...Have you ever made those...they would be awesome.....your family continues to be in my thoughts and prayers.


i agree, little gestures are so fun and long remembered. p.s. was that a love song your dearly beloved was picking? just saying...


Looks like a fun surprise for them!


Love this post. I need to remember to do little things for the kids, too. Adrian was so pumped just to do an actual art project the other day (aside from the free-drawing, -painting, and -cutting he does all the time). It was so easy and so much fun to see him so excited!

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