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May 15, 2013



Good to hear its slowing down. Hopefully it will remain that way & get put out!

Lupe Isola

Hi, Jenn....well, I put in my car...my photos...medication, 4 gals of water, took my clothes off the clothesline, which included some towels and clean underwear...threw that basket in the car... a couple sets of clothing, my laptop..makeup...some crackers and peanut butter....oh, and Tony threw in his bottle of brandy..didn't worry about clean underwear...I looked around at all my thousands of dollars of scrapbooking things...but they just didn't seem important at the time...we let our dogs out of the kennel and I cried as we drove away and left Willie (our mini pony) in his pen...but he was fine as we drove in this morning...God Bless all our firefighters and all other personnel...Prayers for all those that have lost their homes...

Vicky M

Thanks for taking pictures from last night! Those pictures left me in dismay and heartwrenching also.. We made it out today to see the damage it made... the kids were horrified and realized first hand how serious fires CAN be.. The only things I plan on grabbing after the kids and their personal items would be the computer(s)! We are thankful NO ONE was killed! (:

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