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November 03, 2009


Amanda K.

My goodness Carter looks big!! That's such a cute picture!

jen t

love the chicken going into the house photo :)
and this challenge is so interesting, and inspiring! love hearing the updates.


What great finds! I need to stop by the thrift stores more often so that I can get good deals like this. The last thing I found was a small pet carrier for $3! It was in perfect shape.


You are inspiring, I buy most clothes for myself, my son and hubby from 2nd hand stores(thrift), but my girls will only wear new, so they buy clothes themselves!
The challenge is going strong, and the decluttering...I need to do that too! I have a box by the front door I keep adding to,& when it is full, I will whisk it down to our local thrift store.It makes you feel good doesnt it!

Trisha P.

I love second hand shops. I've gotten so many awesome quality things we needed for dirt cheap. (Last week, I just found a pair of brand new Keen shoes - that I love for $3!!) And for about the past five years, my family exchanges names and the gift must either be homemade or used/refurbished. We draw names way in advance, so we have alot of time. It's so fun to see what everyone comes up with!

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