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February 27, 2013



Bless your heart Jennifer. I have had a similar thing in my past. My hands would itch, get red and blotchy and then the hives would start on my hand,s arms and in my throat. It was terrible. It was worse in the morning than in the afternoon. I had just started a new job and everyone told me that it was stress, but the only thing I was stressed about was the darn hives. I started watching what I did and finally narrowed it down to a new brand of ground coffee that we had bought on sale. I called the company and they process the beans in something that seemed to bother me. So, I went back to my old coffee and have never switched again. I hope you find out what is happening with you and find a fix for it fast. I know it is miserable!


Good grief Jennifer, I really hope you find out it is eggs. Even though that might be hard to deal with, at least you would know what was wrong.

Did you know there are egg products in the flue vaccine?

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